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Chrome Powder

Six glittering color powder applied on thousand of pure color, creating countless mirror effect color. Adding more interesting experience to your manicure, feeling the color changing in the light, changing the traditional way of nail art designs.

  • Extreme Shine As Mirror

  • Exquisite & Soft Texture

  • Cosmetic Grade And Safe For Nail, No Harmful Substances

  • Non-Toxic Smell

  • 12 Hot Selling Colors, Custom color available

  • Easy To Stick On Nail With Very Few Powder

  • 5 ml bottle, 10 ml bottle, 15 ml bottle
  • Package for KG
  • Sticker Label
  • Silk Label
  • Over 3000 Color
  • Customize Color

High quality healthy Bio-medical raw materials.  No HQ, BP, Odor, no allergies;

Our highest technology makes it firmly stick to the color gel polish and make perfect color effect all the time. Only EC Cosmetic, the professional gel polish manufacturer can do this.

Mirror effect and diamond gloss, no one could reject

Technologically breakthrough by EC Cosmetics. Absolutely amazing nail beauty experience to you!

Our strong product development team and engineers have created the newest formula. Perfectly match with all base colors and different styles, and creats electroplating+mirror+chameleon effect. Combing color gel polish and the glitter powder, you will see magical colors change by light.

No worries about the registration and business license, our high quality and full certifications will give you the biggest support!

My nails look as good as the people who get theirs done. This is one of the best things I have ever purchased. I work at Walgreens and recommend this to customers all of the time. The only thing is that you need to sell the base/top coat separately. The primer last forever since you don’t use much.
Kevin Adam, Sample Salon Nail
I LOVE EC! I came across it in a store, & decided 2 try it out & see how it works. Now it’s only thing i use when i paint my nails ( Orange & red for the Baltimore Orioles, & Washington Nationals, & Washington Capitals, & Purple for the Baltimore Ravens, & Blue for the Dallas Cowboys), i will be using this for a VERY LONG time!
Dora Linda, Perfect Nail House
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