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platinum gel

Platinum Gel

EC’s Platinum gel is sure to fulfil any girl’s dream. A platinum effect gel that will reflect your shimmering personality. Like all of our products, this gel is 100% organic and nail friendly. Enjoy 50 different glittery effects that look great in the sun.

  • Platinum/metal effect

  • Metal Effect

  • Made from real platinum particles

  • 50 Special Color

  • 100% organic, no added chemical substances

  • Easy removal, no stain, no damage to nail

  • 5ml bottle, 10ml bottle, 15ml bottle
  • Package for KG
  • Sticker Label
  • Silk Label
  • 50 Color

The No.1 One step gel polish you can find from the market. Only EC Cosmetic, the first brand that brings one step gel polish.

You must love it the minute you try it on! Just one thin layer coat of gel polish brings excellent color and gloss.

Technologically breakthrough by EC Cosmetics. Absolutely amazing nail beauty experience to you!

Centurial new technology, no sanding, no base, no top coat. Easy removal with wooden sticker within 6~8 minutes, no need stain steel any more, no damage any longer.

Our strong product development team and engineers have created the newest formula. Even the light colors will not turn yellow. Whatever color you want, just let us know! We can make it 100% perfect match!

No worries about the registration and business license, our high quality and full certifications will give you the biggest support

Thank you for responding back I look forward to doing the review for you. Please send me all links that you would like me to attach with your product. I’m sure my followers will be pleased to learn about your gel polish.
Leah Nadeau, 101 Custom Nails
I train students and their always asking me about new products! This platinum gel polish is really amazing, works the same like gel polish, but so shinning and beautiful. They shared all my sample. and I need more color, maybe you could try something different.
Lizette Fisher, Lizeynz Training
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