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no lamp gel

No Lamp Gel

Often in a hurry? Looking for a convenient organic nail gel that can be applied in under a few minutes? If so No Lamp Gel will put a smile on your face. No need for UV/LED lamps, files, buffers or solvents. This gel can be applied anytime, anywhere and lasts up to 7 days. A high quality, easy to use gel polish that will fulfill any girl’s dream.

  • 1 mins dry!

  • Peel Off Removal

  • Last for Over 10 Days

  • No Base No Top

  • No lamp required

  • No stain, no damage to nail

  • 5ml bottle, 10ml bottle, 15ml bottle
  • Package for KG
  • Sticker Label
  • Silk Label
  • Over 3000 Color
  • Customize Color

EC cosmetics is the first company to introduce a gel that requires no lamp and can be peeled off with a simple gesture.

Be seduced the second you try it on. One thin layer is all you need!

A breakthrough in cosmetic technology. One of the easiest nail gel on the market.

Can be peeled off with a simple gesture. No need for tools or solvents.

With a highly qualified team of engineers, EC can create any colour you desire. No fading effects, even with the lightest of colours.

No need to worry about business licences. EC Cosmetics can provide an arsenal of certifications rendering trade simple and efficient.

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My nails look as good as the people who get theirs done. This is one of the best things I have ever purchased. I work at Walgreens and recommend this to customers all of the time. The only thing is that you need to sell the base/top coat separately. The primer last forever since you don’t use much.
Kevin Adam, Sample Salon Nail
I LOVE EC! I came across it in a store, & decided 2 try it out & see how it works. Now it’s only thing i use when i paint my nails ( Orange & red for the Baltimore Orioles, & Washington Nationals, & Washington Capitals, & Purple for the Baltimore Ravens, & Blue for the Dallas Cowboys), i will be using this for a VERY LONG time!
Dora Linda, Perfect Nail House

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