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Dip Powder

EC proudly presents its newest product. This Dip powder is made from an advanced Japanese bio-medical formula that enhances lighter, stronger nails that can last up to 4 weeks. EC’s Dipping powder contains calcium and vitamins that naturally nourishes one’s nails. An alternative way of obtaining healthy, sturdy nails.

  • Non fading colours that last up to 4 weeks!

  • Easy to apply, just base coat, top coat ,activator gel and powder

  • A choice of over 170 colours

  • Same easy removal techniques as gel polish

  • Bio-medical formula from Japan.

  • No lamp required

  • Contains calcium and Vitamin E

  • 1g bottle, 5g bottle
  • Package for KG
  • Sticker Label
  • Silk Label
  • 12 Color
  • Could combine with different base color
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I dip 4 times brushing off the excess off,in between each dip. Then spray a resin cure then file like I would with acrylic nails, they are just as thick and last just as long. I do a fill every two weeks. And you can paint them like regular acrylics. I like dip powder.
Maurice Adatto, Mi Pueblito Beauty Salon
I LOVE this dip powder. I get the natural powder with gel polish on top. My natural nails peel easily, so this protects them without damage.
Meredith L, Elvia's Beauty Salon
Our dip powder Extremely fine and smooth ,super easy apply!
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